Glanbia Cheese EU Site Opening

Our Portlaoise site is now open!!

At Glanbia Cheese EU, we have developed a state of the art innovative cheese manufacturing facility focused on consumer needs. We understand food and nutrition and how to meet the needs of the world’s most successful companies.

Portlaoise, Republic of Ireland is our purpose built factory offering the latest technology in producing shred, dice and string mozzarella in a variety of formats. The site has capacity to manufacture 45,000 tonnes of mozzarella, whilst using the equivalent of over 360 million litres of milk per year.

Ireland is the ideal location for the factory, as it has the fastest growing milk pool in Europe and a long tradition of producing quality milk, the key ingredient for mozzarella.
What’s more, as part of the European Union, with the euro as its currency, this location in the Republic of Ireland enables us to supply our European customers seamlessly. Ireland remains part of the EU and we have full and easy access to mainland European customers.

Our Portlaoise factory will also be able to bring in other cheeses to blend with our mozzarella, but the facility will focus on making customer bespoke mozzarella in all manner of formats, to include shred, dice and string cheese for stuffed crust.

Our focus on service and quality will be unwavering from our new facility, as it is from our existing UK based business.

Our dedicated team will still manage your dedicated business, day-to-day and week-to-week. Quality is not to be taken for granted and we will continue to focus on this as always.